Client from June 2021 to March 2022. 

“A was sleeping rough. A was smoking heroin n taking benzo’s n any othe drug acould find. Been prison for *chorin* cos a stealed and selled to buy drugs. I OD’d 3 times in 6 month n last time a went hosp nd a was told a woud die if a didn’t get off the drugs n that. Homeless spot asked Cumbria Gateway for help, a went for a assessment and the rang me an hour later and askd me to come a house in town. A went and a signed tenancy n given keys, then a was helped with other stuff like bed sheets n cups n plates n that.

A didnt want help first cos a thought every1 was the same n would let me down. A was then helped with day to day stuff like ringen Drs, stuff for paperwork, benefits, pointments, food banks n lots of other stuff. Even just a cup of tea n a crack helped me like, someone ta talk to. A used to strugle even jump in a shower or make cup of tea, neva mind sort me dole. Everything was confusin cos ad never been shown. Am also dyslexic and find it hard so me support worker was good cos they helped me.

Support also taught how to look after me own room and the kitchen what was shered. A didnt wanna at 1st but a seen the other lads muckin in so i fort best had, a enjoyed it after a wile n i was made the top cleanin man, a made a router for the lads so we all dun our bit cos arguments wud start if we never. Support shown how ta bid online for houses or flats n how to look for private lets. A was sorted with somewher after 9 month, me support worker said a was redy. A felt redy like and a aint smoked since a went Recovery Steps n a got help for it. A dont wanna smoke n a never did.

A still go Recovery Steps and I still speak to Gateway when i av a problem. They r always there to speak to even if a dont live ther anymore and a av actually learnt a lot since being ther. A like my life now n am drug free with a roof over me head, am looking forwad. A want to get a dog and take it for walks n have a family 1 day. A know a can acheve these now but before a didnt and thank you Gateway for helpin me through it all.