Keisha (Support Worker, part time) –  Keisha has worked for Cumbria Gateway since September 2021. Keisha is from Poland originally and moved to the United Kingdom when she was 18 years old with her family (Mother, Father, and Brother). Within this time Keisha has worked in various industries such as factory work, hospitality, and health care (working in a residential home). Keisha currently supports up to 6 clients and occasionally translates for the relevant agencies and Polish clients. Outside of work, Keisha has a young family whom she spends most of her spare time with, Keisha also has a partner, and pet dog, Lucky. Keisha also provides the best snacks in the office and brings in lovely home made cakes.

Joy (Support Worker, full time) – Joy moved to Carlisle from Birmingham in 2005. Since moving to Carlisle, Joy has worked in the Hospitality Sector and Care Work. Joys love of supporting individuals grew from Care Work and meeting lots of different people throughout the job. Joy supported her young family and dealt with some issues of her own which gave Joy the drive to want to support others dealing with similar issues. Joy began working for Cumbria Gateway in October 2020 and now provides support for up to 8 clients. Joy regularly arranges group sessions for cooking/arts & crafts. Joy lives with her young family, partner, and pet dog, Bella. Joy enjoys cross stitching, reading books, and walking Bella around the local parks in her spare time.

Robbyn (Support Worker, full time) – Robbyn moved to Carlisle whilst working as a Dental Nurse in 2019. Robbyn left Dental Nursing to provide support for those with Severe Autism, Challenging Behaviours and Learning Difficulties, alongside working as an Agency Care Worker in various homes.  A change of career made Robbyn want to prosper in the Support Worker industry. She then became a full time Support Worker at Cumbria Gateway in December 2020 and supports up to 8 clients. Robbyn completes client assessments, admissions and is also creating the website. Robbyn lives with her partner, who’s young daughter visits regularly, and two cats (Ruby and Smudge).  Robbyn enjoys visiting friends in Carlisle, swimming and visiting family back home in Whitehaven.