Services at Cumbria Gateway

The aims of the service at this present time:


Is to ensure that people who are homeless or at serious risk of homelessness receive appropriate support whilst residing in short term accommodation. This will improve their independence, personal resilience, health and wellbeing. They will then work towards managing their own tenancy and prevent representation as homeless.




The overall aims of the service will be achieved through the following outcomes:

• Service users feel safe, secure and free from discrimination. • Service users experience improved health and wellbeing. • Service users experience reduced levels of poverty. • Service users make a positive contribution to their community.  •Service users enjoy and achieve improved independence.

Cumbria Gateway supports vulnerable people who:

• Display support needs and have current issues. • Are willing to engage constructively with our support. • Are homeless and in need of support. • Are affected by mental health issues, substance misuse and /or offending behaviour.